Elias Nousiopoulos was born and raised in the small town of New London, CT.  He has been interested in creating art at an early age, making photography his first medium used throughout his High School career.  The idea of documenting with photos brought Elias to go to the next level and to pursue a career in film and video.  After being accepted to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, he began his studies for post production, focusing mainly on sound design and color correcting.  In 2009 he graduated with a BFA for film and video editing.

Elias has worked at some of the best post production facilities in Manhattan such as Method, CO3 and Deluxe and he is now currently working at The Mill as the Senior Color Assistant.  At these companies Elias had the opportunity to work on projects with top filmmakers, musicians and other artist throughout the years.
Elias recently resides in Brooklyn, NY where he does most of his art work in his apartment.  On the side, Elias has also been creating his own music for a project he calls Home Music, which is compiled of ambient and electronic sounds mixed over vocal samples of old time radio records.  In his spare time, Elias can be caught listening to records from his growing vinyl collection or watching a B-Horror film from his VHS collection.